About Me

My name is Sean Washington (he/him) and I am a black natural bodybuilder, wildlife photographer, and science communicator. Along with being the founder of The Fit Naturalist.

Why start The Fit Naturalist?

I was always drawn to ecology and science communication. Ever since I stumbled across the Jeff Corwin Experience when I was little, I knew that learning and teaching people about the natural world was what I wanted. Years ago I started a blog of science communication material, had a chain that ran for years of daily animal facts on snapchat, and I would drag friends, family, and strangers into how I viewed the natural world and how wonderful it is.

During my years in college, I gained more interest in fitness and bodybuilding. Before then it had just been a very peripheral interest and didn’t mean much to me. As I got more interested in it, I found that Wildlife nerds really are everywhere.

For one reason or another, bodybuilders and the fitness industry love animals. They’re featured frequently in brands and with that association, many of them want to know more. It hit me that one of the problems facing the conservation and Natural resource industry was our self-perpetuating isolation. We tend to only preach to the choir about issues of extinctions, climate change, and natural beauty, and rely on the outward facing avenues of the interpreter and science communicator for people to join the choir. I never stopped being myself. I wore educational wildlife shirts to the gym, talked to gym friends about wildlife, and even took a trip with friends to the Houston Zoo after my first Bodybuilding show.

It’s a brand of materials and services with the goal of getting more people interested in natural resources. Breaking down the complexities of our industry to get people new to it interested. Content like educational posts on Instagram, a podcast, and merch. With services like guided hikes around some of the natural areas I enjoy in the city, and doing public speaking events for clubs and organizations about conservation, ecology, and birding.

My Content

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    From bees to biceps and everything in between. This podcast is hosted by Sean Washington (Naturalist, Bodybuilder, Artist, Science Communicator and avid Question-Asker) as he takes you through his world and the different avenues it goes through.

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